Clowns come in various styles, shapes and sizes. The first thing to consider is do you want a clown wearing face paints or no face paints? Some people feel that children are afraid of clowns with painted faces.
Then what sort of skills are you wanting from your clown entertainer?
Some clowns are circus skilled performers, some are balloon entertainers and some are magicians.
Booking the right clown for your event can be very important.
Billy the Clown aka Billy Stewart BordersBilly the Clown - Magician, Punch & Judy and Balloon Modeller available for children's parties or family fun days.
Entertainer based in Borders of Scotland
- Walkabout Clowns and Balloon Modellers who offer Punch & Judy, Magic and Face Painting for Children's Parties and Family Fun Days
Entertainers based in Durham
- Circus Skilled Clown available with Clown Car for Arena Shows plus offers Punch & Judy, Stilt Walking, Unicycling (also available with his multi-bike for parades), he does Storytelling from his Kamishibi Bike (unique in the North East of England and most of the UK) or maybe a Circus Workshop... available for Family Fun Days, Gala's, Promotional Events, Eco-friendly Events and Corporate Events.
Entertainer based in Tyne & Wear but will travel Entertainer Tyne & Wear

Charlie Burns - Circus Skilled Clown available for Stilt Walking, Balloon Modelling, Circus Workshops, Fire Shows, Aerial Work.  Ideal for Festivals, Promotions, Family Fun Days, etc.  Based in Tyne & Wear but will travel Entertainer Tyne & Wear

- Circus Skilled Clowns offering their own brand of humour with their 'Water Water Everywhere' Arena Show, or can be hired for their Circus Workshops, Punch & Judy, Balloon Modelling, Face Painting. Suitable for Family Fun Days, Gala's, Promotional Events, or Corporate Entertainment.  Based in Nottinghamshire but will travel.
Entertainer(s) Nottinghamshire
- Clown, Childrens Entertainer, Comedian, Comedy Duo, Circus Skills Performer
Now, joining him in the ring is his partner Colette. They are now available for bookings as a comedy duo for any occasion.
Entertainer based in West Sussex but will travel
- Circus Skilled Clown offering Shows and Workshops plus Punch & Judy, Puppets, Magic and Balloon Modelling. Available for hire for Childrens Parties, Weddings, Family Fun Days, Promotional Fun Days or Corporate Events. Based in West Midlands but will travel.
Entertainer West Midlands 
 - Comedy Mime Show and Cabaret Performers offering Acrobatic Shows, Workshops, Balloon Modelling, Face Painting and Punch & Judy. Available for Cruise Ships, Holiday Resorts, Gala's, Corporate Events, Family Fun Days, Promotional Events. 
Entertainer(s) West Sussex but will travel
Julian the Juggling Clown.  Entertainer Hertfordshire
- Magician and Balloon Modeller also offering Punch & Judy Shows for kids parties, weddings and family fun days. 
 Entertainer Durham
- Magician and Balloon Modelling Clown who also performs with puppets and is available for children's parties, family fun days, hotels, weddings, promotional events, store promotional events and corporate events. 
Entertainer London
Salvo the Clown LondonSalvo the Clown
 - Circus Skilled Clown available for Family Fun Days, Shopping Centres, Street Performances, Workshop.
Entertainer Essex
Smarti the Clown.  Entertainer Lanarkshire
- Circus Skilled Clown offering shows using unicycling, juggling, rola bola, magic and balloons. Available for kids parties, weddings, hotels, fun days, promotional days, shopping centres. 
Entertainer London 
May 2014
Clowns available for hire
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