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Stilt Walkers & Power Stilts available for hire
Ideal for outdoor or indoor events
Corporate functions - Promotional events, Night clubs, Hotels, Family Fun Days, Galas, Festivals, Themed events, Christmas events, Halloween events, Easter events, Colour themed events, Private events - Weddings, Office parties, Birthday parties and many other events or venues
 Stilt Walkers page
Big Rory aka Mike Rowan Stilt walker from Glasgow
Also available as a Walkabout Character comprising numerous costumes: Stilts - Roman Soldier; Ground-based - Seagulls 
Available Nationwide
Roman Soldier on stilts by Big Rory
Stilt Walkers page
Clive Hodgson Stilt Walker from Co Durham
Also available as Childrens Magician, Balloon Modeller, Walkabout Magician, Punch & Judy, Fire Performer. 
Available North East England
Stiltwalker in Durham
Stilt Walkers page
Charlie Burns Stilt Walker from Tyne & Wear with costumes such as Hippy, Vampire, Clown
Also available performing Fire Shows, Balloon Modelling, Clown Car.
Available North East England and Scotland
Charlie Burns Stilt Walker from Tyne & Wear
Tyne & Wear
Stilt Walkers page
Divine Company are a team of Stilt Walkers provided by Jennifer Gould with a wide variety of costumes.  Queen of Hearts,
Available Nationwide (vatable)
Stilt Walkers from London
Stilt Walkers page
Dream Performance are a team of Stilt Walkers provided by Tink Bruce with a wide variety of costumes. Venetian Masks,
Available London and the South
Stilt Walkers London
Stilt Walkers page
Stilt Walkers page
Glyn Corking Stilt walker with costumes such as Silver Trooper, Alien Bug, Disco Santa, Ice Monarchy.  
Available Nationwide
Stilt Walker Suffolk
Stilt Walkers page
Head for Height Stilt Walking Duo or Solo with costumes such as Bride & Groom, Elizabethan Lady, Flora Bunda & the Expectant Gardener, Ice Elf, Pink Lady & Pink Man, Queen of Hearts, Snow Queen, Top Hat Man, Victorian Couple, Victorian Gentleman, Victorian Lady, Wedding Guests. 
Available Nationwide
Stilt Walkers Cardiganshire
Stilt Walkers page
Knot Rite Circus with Trudi Patient Stilt Walker with costumes: Jester, Top Hat & Tails, Newsprint Pink & Turquoise, Orange & Green and many more
Also performs Juggling, Unicycling, Balloon Modelling, Freestyle Fire, Circus Workshops
Available Nationwide
Knotrite Circus with Trudi Patient Stilt Walker South Yorkshire
South Yorkshire
Stilt Walkers page
Kris Krachit aka Chris Ehrenzeller Stilt walker with a variety of costumes. 
Jack Frost
Also performs as Walkabout, Juggler, Balloon Modeller, Freestyle Fire, Circus Workshops
Available Nationwide
Jumping Jack Frost Stilt Walker by Kris Katachit
Stilt Walkers page
Lunatricks with Nat White Stilt Walkers have a range of costumes such as Snow King, Elf, Devil, Chef,
Also performs Juggling, Fire juggling, Hat juggling, Sword juggling, Unicycling, Fire shows, Freestyle Fire, Balloon Modelling and Circus Workshops 
Available Nationwide
Stilt Walker Tyne & Wear
Tyne & Wear
Stilt Walkers page
Martin Shaw Stilt Walker
Also Childrens Magician, Balloon Modeller, Fire Performer, Juggler
Available East Midlands
Stilt walker Nottinghamshire
 Stilt Walkers page
Neighbourhood Watch Stilts International are Stilt Walkers with Giant outdoor costumes such as the Giant Butterflies, Giant Birds 'Le Oiseaux', Giant Ants with Drums, Giant Robots.
Available Nationwide
Giant Butterflies on stilts by Neighbourhood Watch Stilts International
Tyne & Wear
Stilt Walkers page
Sarah Shearer is a Stilt Walker with various costumes such as Angel, Fire, Jester, Jockey, Louis IV Masquerade, Medusa, Pirate, Tuxedo, Witch (Black), Witch (Green), Woodland Fairy, Reindeer with LED's.
Also offers Face Painting, Balloon Modelling
Available Teesside and surrounding areas
Tuxedo / Top Hat & Tails on stilts by Sarah
Stilt Walkers page
Shoestring Circus with Richard Gillet Stilt Walker with various costumes such as Jester, Victorian Gent, Top Hat & Tails
Also as Ground-based characters like Professor Seltsam, Human Statue - JT Hartley the Fisherman, Alien, Robot, Tin man, Vicar, Father Christmas with his own static Sleigh, Circus Performer, Unicyclist, Juggler, Tightrope Walker, Street Theatre performance, Circus Workshop
Available Nationwide 
Stilt Walker South Yorkshire
South Yorkshire
 Stilt Walkers page
Sticks and Stones with Rachel Hyde and Friends bring you a wide variety of Stilt Walking costumes: Alice in Wonderland, Aliens, Angels, Angels atop Tree, Bat Girl, Batman, Bat Woman, Brazilian costumed, Bride of Dracula, British Flag, Bugs, Candy cane, Chefs, Christmas characters, Christmas Trees, Cinderella, Fairy, Clowns, Cruella de Vil, Daffodils, Dracula, Fairies, Firefly, Flamenco lady, Flowers, Flower girls, Geisha, Great Gatsby, Goblin, Halloween themed costumes, Hippies, Ice Maiden, Ice Queen, Ice Fairy, Insects, Mardi Gras, Masked costumed characters, Maskerade ball, Mermaid, Pirate Captain, Pontefract Liquorice, Prince Charming, Queen of Hearts, Rainbow, Sea Goddess, Seaside themed, Showgirl, St. George & Dragon, Sunflowers, Superheroes, Trees, Union Jack, Venetian Masked, Victorian Lady and Gent, White Rabbit, Willy Wonka, Witches, Wonder woman and more...
Golden Winged Dancer on Stilts
South Yorkshire
Stilt Walkers page
Top Bananas are Musical Stilt Walker with themed costumes to suit most events - Safari, Animals
Available Nationwide
Stilt walking musicians
East Sussex
 Stilt Walkers page
Upshot Circus with Sean M Flynn Stilt Walker from South Yorkshire with costumes such as  Christmas Tree, Chef, Clown, Fallen Angel, Grim Reaper, Ice King, Sweep on top of the Chimney, Uncle Sam, Red Faced Devil, White Rabbit, Sunflowers, Top Hat & Tails, Toy Soldier, Venetian (masked), Victorian Gent, Wizard Ground-based Walkabout characters & Human Statues such as Mr White, Paparazzi, Santa
Also performs Unicycle, Juggling, Balloon Modelling,  Freestyle Fire, Circus Workshops,
Floral Stilt Walkers by Upshot Circus
South Yorkshire
 Stilt Walkers page
Vertigo Stilt Stilt Walkers have a variety of costumes including Prince Charming and Cinderella,
Available Nationwide
Prince Charming on Stilts & Cinderella on Stilts by Vertigo
Stilt Walkers page
Zoot Circus with Tim Byrom Stilt walker with costumes such as Jester
Also offers Unicycling, Juggling, Balloon Modelling, Circus Workshops, Walkabout Characters like 3-legged Man
Available Nationwide
Stilt walker South Yorkshire
South Yorkshire
November 2015