Andrews Sisters Tribute
Wartime to Present Day
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Entertainers in London and Newcastle

IRRESISTIBLE is recognised as one of the best girl groups in the UK. They are currently on tour with the Glenn Miller Band until April / May 2010.  They've performed at numerous corporate events such as The Embassy Club, London; Chalet de Pierres, France, for the Prince of  Jordan; a chain of Oceana Nightclubs, RAF Barracks across the U K; Hillsborough Football Ground, Concerts and Festivals up and down the country; all this, as well as working in the recording studio recording some of their favourite covers including Bon Jovi's 'Always', Michael Bubles 'Everything' and of course, various sounds of the 40s - something the girls are now renowned for!
The show lasts for up to 1hr, starting with the 1940s music, through the wartime era of which 10-15 mins is Andrews Sisters songs, and working their way up to present day. 
There's loads of costume changes, very visual and vibrant.  To make them booker friendly, they're also self-contained if needed to be.
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