Nachdha Panjab
Bhangra Dancers
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Nachdha Panjab Bhangra Dancers
Originally established in the 80's, Nachdha Panjab performed throughout the North of England at a range of events such as Carnivals, Melas and Weddings. Nachdha Panjab has since been revived in late 2008 by a young, creative and energetic team that all share a passion for traditional Bhangra dancing. Taking some of the original dance moves and choreography from the old routine and incorporating it into a new routine. The performance consists of a traditional Northern Indian form of bhangra dancing with a new age UK form of Bhangra dancing.
Nachdha Panjab consists of ten experienced dancers who are an all male team that perform for a remarkable time length of upto 25 minutes. The performance is electrifying, explosive and keeps the crowd entertained throughout the entire performance. They have recently performed in front of numerous crowds and toured with some of the biggest names in the Bhangra industry such as Panjabi MC, Sahara, Apna Sangeet, RDB and Gupsy Aujla.
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