Legal Documentations
To Entertainers 
- A.R.C. Entertainments asks all its entertainers to provide for our files all the documentations that they may be called upon to provide, this helps us to send to clients immediately and saves the artistes from having to worry about where they'd put it, so help us to help you by supplying the following documents that apply to you as soon as possible...
To Clients
- A.R.C. Entertainments tries to keep on file any documents that are required by law by the artiste you book, but please check if you actually need some of the documentations as regulations change all the time, if you need to see copies of documents please state this at the start of the booking and not the day before as some documents are time sensitive and may need to be renewed on our files, thanks.
Other Legal Requirements may be required for individual types of artists.
Artists must ensure they have all documentations in place as A.R.C. Entertainments are not responsible.

A copy of our Public Liability Insurance is available upon request