Michael Hinchliffe
Mind Reading Act
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Entertainer in Norfolk

Michael Hinchliffe is a Psychological Mind Reader with an entertaining show suitable for the whole family. He will entertain and amaze you with his extraordinary, fun-packed and fast-paced show.
It's often difficult to find the right entertainment for an event... something 'different'... well look no further.
Michael Hinchliffe creates a 'Theatre of the Mind'.
Michael does not profess to be a Psychic or a Fortune Teller. He does nothing paranormal. What he does has everything to do with Mystery, Intrigue and Fun. It's a shared, mind-blowing experience of the fantastic.  A show with TOTAL audience participation.
Prepare to enter a world where everything is not as it first appears.  You will see things you would not believe possible.  Your experience will prove that the line between the possible and the impossible is as thin as a soap bubble.
During his show he will explore the subjects of
  • Thought Projection
  • Thought Reading
  • Predicting your moves and Forecasting Future Events

Michael harnesses the skills of observation and logic that he uses as a criminal defence lawyer (his daytime job) and combines them with psychology, persuasion, memory techniques, personality profiling and statistics to both influence your choices and decipher your thought processes

You have a choice of three presentations:
Option 1 is a 45 mins 'Primary Colours of Thought' Mind Reading Show.  This is an interactive Stage Show suitable for large audiences and is popular with Golf Clubs, Hotel's and Corporate Parties.  This is the act that gets repeat bookings!
Option 2 is 'Mind to Mind Experiments' - This  is mind-reading up close and personal. In a walk round environment he demonstrates anumber of fun and engaging mind to mind effects.This is suitable for private parties, corporate functions and trade shows.  Groups are entertained for ten minutes at a time before the next group comes along.
Option 3 'Michael Hinchliffe's Mysterious World' - A show, with tales of the strange, mysterious and bizarre.  During this show the audience will encounter the 'infamous mer-man' and the 'atomic death worm'.  Further, they will see and hear about the 'picture of strange'.  Oil paints that have a story to tell !  All of this intertwined, with mind-reading, humour, and surprises.
Option 4 is his After Dinner Speaking on the subject of 'The Art of Persuasion'.  This is a 45 mins talk looking at techniques which are used to influence us and how we can use these techniques ourselves.  This is recommended for a Corporate audience who want a presentation which is both Educational as well as Entertaining.
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