Olympic Illumine
by Flaming Fun
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Olympic Illumine was originally created with the Olympics 2012 in mind.
Olympic Illumine is a 7 minute, high impact, Digitally Programmed Light Show just in time for the Olympics. Performed by two artists, a fully choreographed show, with fantastic Acro-Balance inspired stunts and packed with Hypnotic Visuals to an exciting contemporary sound track. Olympic Illumine is also available as a 10 minute, three and four artiste show, for larger scaled events, which include LED Hula Hooping and Juggling routines.


Using New Digitally Programmed LED technology, that allows the artistes to program in full colour (16 million colour to be exact) images, letters, words and logos.  This allows you to include your name, company name or logo into the finale section of the show.
Olympic Illumine uses versatile, eye catching LED light costumes that have already proven to be a winner for Corporate Events, Private Parties and Product Launches.
The first in the world to use Digital Programmed Staff Technology in their light shows is J'n'H Reynolds and Flaming Fun.  This allows them to create images twice the size of any technology that already exists. They also use Digital Poi in the show for extra effects.
The images, colours and sequences are pre-programmed before the show, on a PC, and then uploaded wirelessly to the equipments onboard memory.  All the images are controlled to the milli-second, seamlessly choreographing the lights of the equipment withthe music and artiste.
Please contact for more information on customisations, specific colour or themes etc.
Freestyle Glow Artistes are also available for the meet n greet instead of a formal stage show.
Equipments used include
Glow Staffs, Glow Poi, Pixel Staffs, Pixel Poi


Reviews about Olympic Illumine
'Think the Glow Show was fantastic and captured the audience. Had a quick look around the room while you were performing and everyone seemed mesmerised. Incorporating our Energizer Logo was a great touch and looked brilliant - definitely one to keep for something in the future.'
Ali Sunday (Sales &Marketing Co-ordinator Energizer Group Ltd) 
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