Sounds of Boney M
with original Boney M member Sheyla Bonnick
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Sounds of Boney M with Sheyla Bonnick

Original Artist Sheyla Bonnick & the Sounds of Boney M is available Nationwide based in London & the South
Sheyla Bonnick of Sounds of Boney M Original ArtistsSheyla Bonnick
Jamaican born Sheyla Bonnick was raised in the UK in the 1960's. In the early 70's, she visited Germany with her friend Maize Williams to seek fame and fortune and in December '74 the two of them were approached by an agent who asked them if they were interested in fronting a new disco group for performances of a new record called 'Baby Do You Wanna Bump', the single was recorded and produced by Frank Farian and the group were put together to perform the record on television and in disco clubs, the two accepted the offer and the rest is history... this new euro disco group went under the pseudonym 'Boney M'
The 'Sounds of Boney M' brought to you by original member Sheyla Bonnick, is a dynamic four piece playback show or eight piece live band show that will always attract large audiences wherever they go !


The show includes sleek costume changes and brings you that mini-musical feel... mapping out the musical history of Boney M with cleverly edited music and striking sound effects. It's easy to imagine yourself back in the time of Frank Farian's tunes and international stories which made the original concept so huge worldwide.
Songs like 'Daddy Cool', 'Rasputin', 'Brown Girl In The Ring' and many more...
The 'Sounds of Boney M' Show is a 60 mins show that can be supplied with or without it's own PA & Lighting
depending on the venue
Also available, to make a 2hr show, with Gimme Abba
Suitable for all types of venues, Theatres, Hotels, Corporate Events, Cruise Ships, etc.
Original Artist Sheyla Bonnick & the Sounds of Boney M are available for hire
Book with A.R.C. Entertainments 01740 631292