Uncle Brian
David Reid Frow
Childrens Entertainer, Puppeteer


 Christmas Puppet Pantomime
 Entertainer in North Yorkshire
Santa and Marmaduke is a Christmas Puppet Pantomime that lasts an hour, with Magic, Party Games, Balloon Modelling and Puppets.
Uncle Brian and Marmaduke the Magic Rabbit meet a variety of puppet characters during their search for Father Christmas. The show has the traditional pantomime 'It's behind you' routine, as Santa pops up and down at various windows in the snow covered cottage.
Two or three boys and girls win Balloon Wands which they use in an attempt to find Father Christmas. This leads into the Puppet Show with lots of audience participation and interaction between the children and characters of the puppet show. 
Next the audience is split into two sides to cheer support for the children invited out from the audience to take part in a fun competition involving Giant block building.
The final act of the pantomime is the magic part of the show. A spell is needed to reveal the long lost rabbit cousin...
Have your own stage production with a set up of 11'x7' comprising a snow covered cottage and the Elves Toy Factory from which the puppets appear.