Clumbsy The Clown aka Lloyd Reed
Childrens Entertainer: Balloon Artist, Children's Magic, Close up Magic, Circus Workshops, Stuntman
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Lloyd Reed as Stuntman     Lloyd Reed as Clumbsy the Clown
Lloyd Reed Magician     Lloyd Reed as Clumbsy the Clown Circus Workshops
Entertainer in West Sussex
Clumbsy The Clown has been interested in clowns from the age of three, and started performing children's shows in 1989 at the age of fourteen. Performing all over England; in 1993 he got his big break, working for Billy Smarts Circus.
That exciting experience led him to perform for over twenty years in Europe's finest circuses. 
In 2008, he was awarded best Auguste clown by Clown's International.
Then, whilst on Fosset's Circus in Ireland, he performed for the President of Ireland, Mary Macaless, in her home. 
Now, joining him in the ring is his partner, female singer & Ring Mistress: Colette.
previously, Colette sang with Terry Nash, the UK's top Meatloaf tribute act.
Now, for 2015, they are available for bookings as a comedy duo for any occasion, performing a range of fabulous circus & party acts, including: 
The Spaghetti Entrée
Welcome to Clumsini's, the newest restaurant in town. Miss Colette prepares for a nice quiet lunch, but it doesnt go to plan because she gets the misfortune of being waited on by Clumbsy!
The New Cake Act
Clumbsy has had a little accident and ruins a birthday cake. So that he doesn't get into trouble, he decides to make a new one with wat ingredients he can find.
With a bit of mess & fun on the way, let'shope he doesn't burn it. There is a surprise that will shock the whole family...
Magic & Mayhem
Clumbsy wants to have a go at performing magic. He attempts the legendary cup & ball routine. Watch where it goes, because nobody knows... but it doesn't quite go to plan...
Baby Gag
Clumbsy has been given a responsible job of babysitting. He is bored & wants to play with his new camera. The baby has other plans, but will Clumbsy get the photo he wanted?
Lloyd Reed as Clumbsy the Clown Circus WorkshopsCircus Theme Parties
Clumsby can also perform a 1 hour long, Circus Themed Party Act, wherein a game will be played to suit the relevant age group of the children attending the party; the birthday child (the star of the show) will receive a balloon birthday cake.
Plus, they will also receive a large balloon sculpture that can be arranged to suit the theme of the party. During a short break for tea, Clumbsy will interact with the children whilst they eat. Then clumbsy will finsih the show by performing his cake act.
Also available upon request - Various characters:
 Clumbsy the Clown     Clumbsy the Clown Boxer     Lloyd Reed as Indian Chief
from Indian Chief to Pirate Jack & his pirate parties
Lloyd Reed Pirate     Lloyd Reed Magic Pirate Parties     Lloyd Reed Childrens Magician
Lloyd the Balloon Magician
Clumbsy the Clown Balloon Sculptures     Lloyd Reed Balloon Sculptures    
Lloyd Reed as Clumbsy the Clown     Lloyd Reed Stuntman on fire
 (shows last 1 hour only; also available for walk about)
NB Face Painter available upon request
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