Acro Chaps
Acrobatic Entertainers available for hire Nationwide

Summer is upon us and nature is blooming!


So why not explore the wild side with our cheeky acrobatic explorers, who will delve the deepest depths of your event to bring entertainment to all they discover.


Recently the chaps have even discovered the rare "handlebar" moustache - an absolutely splendid find. For these intrepid explorers, no acrobatic trick is too daring, and all events are just waiting to be discovered.


The Acro Chaps are David, Tony and Jamie - and very dashing young men they are! Firm believers that there is nothing in life that cannot be improved by the application of a good moustache, these three intrepid fellows set out to entertain, dazzle and amaze...


Not only are the Acro Chaps top acrobats but they also have splendid moustaches just perfect for entertaining your guests. Their absolutely spiffing performances range from Victorian and Edwardian Strongmen to Sailors and City Gents...


So be brave, and "tweak the nose of fear" by booking the Acro Chaps today!