Dougie Sambora

Robbie Williams Tribute Artiste
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Entertainer in Leicestershire

A Robbie Williams tribute that is dedicated to making you believe that THE Robbie Williams is performing before your very eyes!

You can't just be a great singer when performing a tribute to this man. You have to have charisma. You have to have the 'entertainment factor'. And you have to have the talent to mesmerize and blow the audience away every time.


Robbie Williams is a hard man to match! However, Dougie Sambora has proven time and time again that he can do just that!
Not only does he sound exactly like Robbie Williams, but he looks like him too and comes with the authentic tattoos and costumes that have been custom designed to match the real thing!


When Dougie walks out onto the stage, you know you’re in for a treat. Let him entertain you, and he'll have you thinking you're watching the real deal.
Dougie has been performing his fantastic Robbie Williams tribute show for over 14 years and he has performed it EVERYWHERE, from Gran Canaria to Tenerife, France to Portugal, London to Dubai!


Performing at venues such as Royal Ascot and Nottingham Racecourses, holiday parks like Butlins, Haven and Park Resorts and many top hotel chains like Hilton Hotels, Holiday Inn's, Inter-continental hotels and more...
Dougie has been booked and re-booked on many occasions by companies like McDonalds, Leicester City football club and Leicester Tigers Rugby club to perform at their Corporate awards Ceremonies, Executive party nights and for their Christmas party entertainment!

Performing all the greatest hits by Robbie Williams (with a swing set that can be included too), you will be the most popular person at the party when they find out that you were the one who booked this amazing tribute act!
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