Same Difference Arts
by Natasha Glew
Alice in Wonderland Walkabout Characters, Storytellers or Mini show characters by Same Difference Arts North Yorkshire
Stilt Walkers & Walkabouts available for hire from North Yorkshire available Nationwide
Same Difference Arts are multi-talented duo with some amazing acts and costumes both Stilts and Ground-based.
Costumes can be Themed to suit your event, but we think you'll find something to fit below...
*** NEW FOR 2020***
Alice in Wonderland Characters will bring an element of joy and wonder to your Easter events. With the eccentric Mad Hatter 'We are all mad here!' and confused Alice who finds the world 'curiouser and curiouser', these characters will bring this classic story to life - in your own town or event! You can book as Walkabout Characters, Storytellers or a Mini show with either all or one of the following characters: Alice, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, Card Soldiers, Cheshire Cat or Caterpillar
Alice in Wonderland Walkabout Characters
Christmas Fairies
Christmas Fairy, Fairies
Naughty Christmas Tree
Naughty Christmas Tree
Ice Queens
Christmas Ice Queens Frozen Fire and Ice events
Spiced Satsumas - which one is Sweet and which one is Sour! Sally likes to teach you her dance routine, whereas Stace prefers to play hide and seek, which is tricky when you're a giant Satsuma. The act is highly visual and wonderfully interactive, as well as funny and sweet. Perfect for Christmas light switch-on events, Food events, Parades and Walkabout entertainment, this act has it all! The pair can also hand out satsumas as a giveaway if provided. Performances are generally 3x45mins  within a five hour period
Victorian Carol Singers remind us of days gone by with this performance inspired by traditional Christmas carol singers: featuring classic ditties from the Victorian period such as 'O Christmas Tree', 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen' and 'Hark The Herald', certain to get everyone singing along! The performance includes comic interludes between songs and the act performs 3x45min performances within a five hour period. Available with three or two singers dependent upon budget.
Easter Rabbit
Easter Rabbit or White Rabbit
Dinner Ladies
Dinner Ladies Walkabout characters
Ringmaster & Doll
Ringmaster and Doll Marionette
Scary Pumpkin
Halloween Witches on Stilts or off
This non-verbal act challenges the perception of Marilyn as just an icon of beauty. Warhol's Marilyn's have been re-imagined as brightly coloured, anti-femme, engaging and exciting characters. Their joy is in meeting people, pulling funny faces and exploring the world of colour around them!
Mime characters Marilyn (Warhol) Monroe Walkabouts
Sense-o-Matic is a science meets Victorian show based around a steampunk-inspired contraption! A show consisting of two plucky young aspiring scientists. Anne is an apothecary & Lottie is learning to be a "lady doctor". They're hoping to win a Nobel Prize for their work in Sensology & the unsuspecting curious members of the public are their victims... sorry volunteers! Come & Test your 5 senses they ask! A challenging and different type of walkabout than you've ever seen before.
Sense-o-Matic Science Walkabout
Outdoor show 
Perfect for Festivals, Science events, Arts events.
The outdoor show does  3x45min walkabout sets and engages audiences to test their five senses.
Indoor show 
This 1hr show is perfect for indoor venues where they can entertain family audiences.
They can work on a stage or in non traditional theatre venues.
The show uses a projector and a larger collection of experiments to test the senses with the audience.
Up Periscope is a walkabout & workshop interactive entertainment that presents the theory that a slight physical change of perspective can encourage a conceptual one. By utilising a hands-on, physical & lightly comedic approach the workshops brings learning to life. Participants learn about the history of periscopes, an introduction into the science behind light, mirrors, reflection and refraction, when used as a workshop if schools, the children learn how to make their own periscope turning science into fun!
Up Periscope walkabout scientific show
Woodland Squirrel Stilt Walker