Steve the Juggler
aka Steve Thomson
Entertainer in East Midlands
Experience the art, style and skill of one of the UKs finest performers Steve the Juggler!
Steve can be hired to perform either on stage for an audience to watch and marvel, or as a walkabout performer getting in amongst the crowd and giving a more personalised feel to your event.

His shows can last anywhere from 3mins to 45mins and can be repeated throughout the day, or pick & mixed with a wide variety of other Juggling services; such as Circus Skills Workshops and Walkabout entertainment to create extra added value to your event!




Circus Skills Workshop – A session where the participants can learn how to use a wide variety of Circus Skills/Juggling equipment, such as learning to Juggle, spin poi and plates, and use the devilstick, diabolo, beach flingo and much more!


Brownies/BB/Scouts –   Most Children/Youth organisations in the UK have a Circus Badge or will accept certain “juggling activities” as credit towards a Skills/Hobby/Performance badge. If you are involved with Rainbows/Brownies/Guides, Boys and Girls Brigade, Duke of Edinburgh, Beavers/Cubs/Scouts/Explorers then Steve can be of use and has also written or been an advisor for some of these badges when they were created/revamped! He is also available to perform at the Major Celebration events, and just for fun (without working towards a badge!)


Christian Juggling – Steve is a Christian and can perform a Gospel Juggling show for up to 75mins at your event. This particular God given skill is particularly effective at Church Outreaches or even during the Sunday Service as the kid’s address, although adults will get just as much out of it!


Schools/Nurseries/Play schemes – You can hire Steve as “Juggler for a Day” (or half day) and he could put on several workshops for different year groups, perform in the School Assembly, do walkabout entertainment at lunch and break times, and put on his 30min Schools Show (various themes available). It’s entirely up to you. All of these activities are available separately also. If you are having a Healthy Living Week, Transition Day or want to give the pupils a fun activity after some stressful exams then check this page out for lots of ideas!


Fire and Glow Performances – Great to use indoors (glow) or outdoors (fire and/or glow) to make your night-time event even more memorable, especially as a warm up for a special occasion such as the Fireworks Display or Christmas light switch on, or as a fantastic way to end your Circus Skills Workshop or Birthday Party!


Private Juggling Lessons – You can hire Steve the Juggler for a private 1 hour lesson. Several types of lessons and options available. A unique experience for any juggling enthusiast!


Private Lesson to assist in recovery from Brain Injury, Stroke and MS – Some patients are now being advised by their Doctor that learning a new skill that they have always wanted to try (so that they will look forward to it) will aid them in managing their health or aiding their recovery. This helps them to create new (and much stronger) neural pathways in the brain instead of spending time re-learning actions that they used to know. Learning a new skill from scratch inspires confidence in ability to learn other new skills and can consequently lead to improvement in cognitive capabilities.

Giant Bubbles Workshop – Available as an add-on to your Circus Skills Workshop.


Walkabout Entertainment –also known as Mix n Mingle or Meet and Greet. A slightly different kind of entertainment more akin to the Wandering Minstrel! This particular skill is useful for your event where you want to create a buzz or a bit of an atmosphere.  Steve simply wanders amongst the crowds at your event and stop and entertain small crowds and individuals at random. Particularly useful for events where there are long queues, as he can keep these people entertained while they wait!


30min Schools Show – this show has been specially created for Nursery to Year 8 children. It can be specifically tailored for just one age range, or for the entire school. If you would like the show tied in with a particular theme such as friendship, healthy living, etc; then the show can include these positive messages! Ideal as part of the School Assembly, or as the final event at the end of Term!
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