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Punch & Judy

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Puppeteers Page 
Aunt Eileen & Joe DurhamEileen & Joe Childrens Entertainers 
Suitable for Children's parties, Weddings, Shopping centres, Hotels, Holiday resorts, Private events, Corporate events.
Also available with walkabout mascot characters, ask for details.
Based in Co Durham
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Billy McWatters BordersBilly McWatters Punch & Judy
Also available with or without Clowning or walkabout.
Ideal for Private parties, Children's shows, Weddings, Corporate events, Promotions, Gala's, Fete's and many other types of venues.
Fully  self contained.
Based in the Borders of Scotland
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Bo Clown Tyne & WearBo Clown Punch & Judy. 
Bo has three types of Punch & Judy the standard box style (two different sizes) and this walkabout Punch & Judy that can change locations acting as walkabout entertainment as well.
Suitable for indoor or outdoor events, Gala's, Festivals, Carnivals. 
Fully self contained.
Based in Tyne & Wear & will travel nationwide
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Professor Brian Llewellyn Punch & Judy Shows Co DurhamBrian Llewellyn as Professor Brian is available with or without balloon modelling.
Also available with or without Face painting wife Marilyn. 
Suitable for Children's parties, Outdoor event, Weddings, Hotels, and other events.
Fully self contained
Based in Co Durham
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Punch & Judy by SteveSteve Ashcroft Punch & Judy. 
Is available with or without walkabout magic, puppets, balloon modelling. 
Also available with or without Face painting wife Wendy. 
Suitable for Children's parties, Weddings, Indoor / Outdoor events of all types. 
Fully self contained 
Based in Teesside
Puppeteers Page
Creature Encounter West Midlands
Epico the Dragon and his keeper by Creature Encounter
Suitable for Shopping centres, Gala's, Outdoor events of all types
Fully self contained.
Based in West Midlands
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plus many more...
  • Abracadabra - Punch & Judy  (Scottish Borders)
  • Alakazam - Punch & Judy (Renfrewshire)
  • Andy Pearson - Punch & Judy (Argylle & Bute)
  • Barbies Childrens Show - Punch & Judy (Worcestershire)
  • Barry Kay - Punch & Judy (Surrey)
  • Billy McWatters - Punch & Judy also available as clown, magician. Ideal for private parties, children's parties, weddings, corporate events, promotions, gala's, fete's etc Based in the Borders
  • Bobby Lee - Magician, Close up Magic, Children's Magic, Cabaret Magic, Comedy Magic plus Ventriloquism, Mind reading, Stand up Comedy, Vocalist and Actor. Based in East Sussex
  • Bo the Clown - Punch & Judy.  Also available as a Circus Skilled Performer, stilts, unicycling, magic, balloons, and Clown Car Show. Based in Tyne & Wear
  • Chris Topper - Puppet Show (in Cheshire)
  • Chuckles the Clown - Punch & Judy (in Worcestershire)
  • Circus Spellacy - Puppet Shows (in Worcestershire)
  • Clive Chandler - Large Punch & Judy, Life-sized Walkabout Punch & Judy (in West Midlands)
  • Clive's Ace  - Punch & Judy (in Durham)
  • Creature Encounter - Animated puppets with robotics. Epico the Dragon, Fairy princess, Flying Carpets, Hairy Chairs Based in West Midlands
  • David Hallows (Strings & Things) - Punch & Judy  (in Staffordshire)
  • Englands Pride - Punch & Judy Theatre (in Derbyshire)
  • Franki - Punch & Judy (in West Midlands)
  • JB Flowers - Punch & Judy (in Tyne & Wear)
  • Jill Walker - Punch & Judy (in Surrey)
  • John & Trevor Harvey - Punch & Judy (in Bristol)
  • Keith Cooper - Punch & Judy (in Merseyside)
  • Kendrick - Punch & Judy (in Tyne & Wear)
  • Magical Punch & Judy - Punch & Judy (in Surrey) 
  • Mark Andrews - Punch & Judy (in Warwickshire)
  • Myster Magic - Punch & Judy (in West Midlands)
  • Noel Brookes - Punch & Judy & Magician available for Children's Parties (in Teesside)
  • Over The Top Puppet Theatre - Punch & Judy with a difference (in Cumbria)
  • Patsy's Fun Time - Punch & Judy (in Worcestershire)
  • Paul Dixon - Punch & Judy (in Cumbria)
  • Paul Dumas - Ventriloquist  (in Oxfordshire)
  • Professor Guy Higgins - Punch & Judy (in Worcestershire)
  • Roy Price Children's Show - Punch & Judy (in Surrey)
  • Steven Peach - Punch & Judy Magician Balloon Modeller Children's Entertainer (in Teesside)
  • Stockwell Puppets Puppet Show  (in Kent)
  • Talking Head Puppets - Glove Puppet Show (in Glasgow)
  • The Great Barloni - Punch & Judy (in Warwickshire)
  • Uncle Billy - Punch & Judy (in Ayrshire)
  • Zeeco the Clown - Punch & Judy (in Sussex)
Ventriloquists, Puppeteers & Punch & Judy available for hire
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