Iain Jay

Rookman Swindler & Co. - CIRCUS SIDESHOWS  An eclectic mix of traditional sideshow attractions, stunts and illusions.  Suitable for corporate or family audiences.

Includes escapology (small scale eg handcuffs & straitjackets to arena sized displays), Blindfolded Driving (suitable for corporate sponsorship re car, tractor or truck dealerships), Fire Eating, Fire Sculptures & Banners and Fire Walking, Glasswalking, Bed of Nails, Headless Lady, Mentalism, Bunco Booth (Heads I Win - Tails You Lose) and much, much more.

Ideal for Festivals, Cabaret, Themed Events. 

The Circus Sideshows spans a massive array of possibilities and are presented in a Victorianesque style; at the simplest level we can turn up with The Bunco Booth and entertain with numerous street con’s & scams (all played just for fun… or as charity fundraisers), provide Walkabouts, perform Escapology or Fire Displays.  I am also a Triple Guinness World Record holder as a Bubbleologist.  BigBubbles are superb at many events, especially weddings & carnivals.  The BigBubbles are usually presented with us dressed in Edwardian attire. 

We can then add elements such as The GIANT Flea Circus – the only one of its kind in the World, The Travelling Medicine Show (‘pitching’ Mindwraith’s Extraordinary Elixir between demonstrations of its apparent powers.  Very tongue in cheek but the demonstrations are very real).  Bed of Nails, Glass Walking (we also offer Firewalks) (I train people in both as Personal Development & Fundraising events), Whip Cracking etc etc. 

Currently being built are a set of larger sidehow illusions; The Headless Lady, Electric Chair, Girl To Gorilla and a couple more.  These were all huge attractions between the 1930’s and 1970’s, mine will have all the style of the originals but a few added modern twists. 

The whole idea of the Circus Sideshows is about enjoyment and re-engaging with the heritage of fairground & circus fun & games.  Whether performed on the Street or a Theatre Stage the audience members are fully involved and encouraged to participate. 

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Blindfolded Driving
This is suitable for country shows and similar.  I will drive a vehicle around an obstacle course whilst blindfolded.  Usually I have coins over my eyes, then duct tape and a couple of blindfolds.  Great for Sponsorship as car, tractor or truck dealers can have their vehicles driven (with their VIPs as passengers) around obstacles including parked vehicles from their range.  Excellent for selling safety or excitement. 
On a much smaller scale I have taught two boys to do a similar routine on UNICYCLES.  As far as I’m aware they are the only ones on the planet doing this.   
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I perform Fire Eating but am also able to create Fire Banners, Fire Sculptures and Fire Gardens.  Also create and instruct Firewalks (way better than the usual pokey things most do).
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Apart from BigBubbles I am also able to attend as a traditional lucky chimney sweep (can also have a couple of cute orphans from the workhouse with me).  Standalone or combined with other entertainment. 
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Wizard Workshops
I offer two basic types:  “Wands, Potions & Spells” Potteresque with craft and science merged with the magic or “Magic & Illusion” where I teach some close-up magic, stage illusions and performance skills.  Both are suitable for 6 – 16yrs and are adapted by the ages of those attending.
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The Séance Company

A range of Dark Arts entertainment from Paranormal Demonstrations to full on Victorian Seances. 

I am one of the world's leading exponents in this genre and an Executive Committee Member of the ultra-exclusive Psycrets, the society for professional mentalists and mystery performers. 

Storytelling for grown-ups encompassing Witchcraft, Sorcery, Psychic Phenomena, Fortune Telling, Dark Tours and Ghost Hunts but also tales of Folklore, History and Emotion. 

If you have discerning clients who would like to experience something very different & unique, this is it.  NOTE:  We do NOT do Mediumship Shows.


Available for booking very soon will be three boys; 10 -13yrs with the amazing and incredible ability to transmit telepathic messages. 

I can be booked for Dinner Parties – a surprise guest who brings a few other, even more surprising ‘guests’ to the party.  ;)  I tell various tales; all illustrated by various items from my collection that may or may not be haunted or have peculiar properties. 

I have a show centred around Jack the Ripper focusing upon his victims & their families.  Audience members participate throughout; revealing facts about the cases they perhaps didn’t know they knew.  It culminates in a guest being regressed back to 1888, to Whitechapel and to Meet JACK!  

For Halloween events I can create intimate experiences through to large scale installations.  I am currently working on a series of stories (based in fact) covering Miners & Mining but also have routines spanning Witchcraft & Wizardry, Ghost Stories, Possessions and other weird and strange things.  These are mostly aimed at older children/teenagers and adults but I can also offer less frightening but still spooky effects for children. 

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In addition to the above I also offer Stress Management & Personnel Development to Schools, Colleges, Businesses etc.  For schools I also offer Educational Shows based around Welfare themes, encouraging Literacy, History etc. New Cell