Darren Cairns (Dezzy)
Illustrator & Designer, Art & Craft Workshops, Recycled Art, Murals & Graffiti, Sculptures & Mosaics
Darren Cairns, Illustrator & Designer
Art & Crafts Workshops for hire in Teesside
Arts & Crafts Workshops
Dezzy has been running art and craft workshops for years now first with P.E.R.C.Y. in Middlesbrough, then as Scribbly Artz but as the workshops have developed and grown, Dezzy's Designs were born.
Dezzy offers workshops for many themes such  as:
Summer holidays or Wildlife / Country Themes
Summer Hats, Flowers, Butterflies and other bugs, Sheep mobile  
Easter Themed
Easter Bunny Cups, Easter Peg Insects, Easter Maracas, Easter Bonnets and Hats, Easter Dream Catchers,
Easter Paste Eggs, Easter Moving Chick in Nest,  Easter Chick Masks, Easter Bunny / Sheep Mobile
Regency themed Workshops
Peg Dolls, Animal silhouettes, Photo Frames, Cup & Ball game, etc...
Halloween Themed Workshops
- Bouncy Hats, Halloween Masks, Eyeball Cup Catchers, Wizard and Witches Hats,
 and many more...
Other workshop ideas include:
Finger Puppets - Masks - Hats - Flowers - Musical Instruments
All materials are provided
Darren (Dezzy) undertakes all sorts of arts projects nothing is too big or too small, so ring for more details.