Edmond Wells
Lookalike, Impersonator
as John Cleese, Basil Fawlty, Monty Python, Rubeus Hagrid (Harry Potter Character)
Edmond Wells
Entertainer in Suffolk
Equity Member
Edmond Wells trained as a professional actor at LAMDA and has taken lead roles on the stage before specializing as a Lookalike.
As a Lookalike, Edmond can tailor make your occasion by providing such characters as John Cleese, Basil Fawlty from Fawlty Towers and the gently giant Hagrid from the ever popular Harry Potter films...
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As himself Edmond is available as a Toastmaster suitable for Weddings or Promotional / Corporate Events.
As a Lookalike Edmond will bring a smile to your guests faces with his humorous antics, so book him now.
Basil Fawlty
of Fawlty Towers
Rubeus Hagrid
of Harry Potter
John Cleese
of Monty Python
as himself
Edmond Wells as Basil Fawlty   Edmond Wells as Rubeus Hagrid   Edmond Wells as John Cleese in Monty Python   Edmond Wells as Toastmaster
Edmund Well Lookalike is available for hire
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