Glynn Edwards
Caricaturist - Cartoonist
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Glynn Edwards, the UK's favourite 'on the spot' Caricaturist has been drawing and entertaining people for 30 years, and his skill has taken him around the world.
Glynn pioneered this Art form as an Entertainment back in the 1970's after a trip to America where it was already well established.

It took the next 10 years or so to build his business and reputation in the UK before he could go full time.

He started his working life in Publishing working for IPC Magazines before he created and published his own magazine 'Adline', which is still in circulation.

Until he sold his magazine he was also traveling the country working at Corporate events and private parties, wedding receptions, Barmitzvahs, etc, entertaining with his humorous caricatures.

The hard work and long hours paid off so that he had sufficient bookings to realise his dream and take the plunge and become a full time Caricaturist and Cartoonist.
He hasn't looked back since.
Glynn says: "There have been many adventures over the years like drawing the Sheik of Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum at a lavish New year's Eve party in Dubai; surrounded by his bodyguards looking over my shoulder, one wrong line and who knows what could have happened! As it was the Sheik, to my relief, was thrilled with his picture and gave me a very generous tip."
Glynn has also sketched many of the 'Rich and Famous' and he recalls one such encounter: "I was working at a posh Birthday party in the centre of London and after drawing the host I was hauled over to meet and draw his dear friend David. It was only David HOCKNEY! I started sketching him and he did no more than take out a pen and started to sketch  me back. It was more than surreal. His friends made sure that he signed it and I'm the proud owner of an oriiginal, signed, Hockney portrait of myself. Oh, and he's also got an original of mine."
In 2006 Glynn joined a select few to entertain at HM the Queen's 80th birthday party at the Ritz Hotel, whose guests included all the senior royals, ladies in waiting and top courtiers. The following day he was working for Sainsburys, in store! That's Showbiz for you I guess!

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