'Mummers' or Street Theatre plays in a
revivalist manner
There are two main ways to perform a 'Mumming play'; the traditional way and the Revivalist.  We perform in colourful costume with the accent on fun and improvisation.  It's a revivalist method keen to bringthe play to life.
Mumming was recorded as early as 1377.  The plays are stories of good against evil but the emphasis was always on telling thestory in an entertaining way.  The plays were performed around the festive times, at Easter or, especially, Christmas.  There is a hero, often St George, a mock comedy rogue the Turkish Knight and the main villain, The Prince of Paradine.  Throw into
the mix a comedy Doctor and a Fool to help the story along.
On of our favourite plays, The Redcar Play, was collected from Mr George Humphries, a New Marske Ironstone Miner,
who himself performed in the play in the early 20th century.

Booklets of the plays were published from the 18th Century onwards.
Package One
Mummers plays with a revivalist approach with the emphasis on fun, includes juggling
(20 mins static show approx)
with Wandering Minstrels playing lively songs of original material
(2 x 20 mins static and 60 mins music - Half Day or 3 x 20 mins static and 120 mins music Full day)

Package Two
Half day of package one which includes 2 x 20 mins plays with juggling as part of the play and 60 mins of music (wandering or static)
Half day of Caricaturist, Ogham Reader and 3 Walkabout costumed characters
Package Three
Either package one or package two
Add on a horse in full mediaeval costume and rider