Arena Shows


Package 1
Wattle & Daub are two mediaeval jesters whose show includes juggling and other manipulation, audience participation, unicycling and other mediaeval capers. 
Package 2
Package 1 but with tightwire act added
Package 3
A two person evening fire show including, together with the usual juggling etc., 'the unicycle ride of death', 'head on fire', and body burning.
Additional performers would augment this show, which would create a bigger splask, a longer show or a greater range of skills.
Package 4
A larger arena show can be provided which includes their 2m high tightwire and 6.4m high trapeze rig, complete with aerialists.  They can include jugglers, stilt walkers, acrobats, clowns, knife-throwers etc in fact an entire show based on the traditional circus format.  They can also tailor the costumes etc to fit other themes such as  Hallowe'en, Gangster, Mediaeval etc, as well as the traditional circus glitz.
Because the tightwire and trapeze rigs are self-supporting, the whole show can be produced indoors as well as out.  The rig has been used on grass, on suspended wooden dance floors and on the brand new polished marble floor of the Metro Centre, at the opening of the Red Mall, initially upstairs and later downstairs.  So no matter what or where the venue, this act will adapt.
(subject to height restrictions of course)