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Bash Street Theatre Shows Cliffhanger (a real silent movie)

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Speciality Shows
Ravioli Brothers Unicycling ShowRavioli Brothers Unicycling Show
Don't book the Ravioli Brothers for a quiet Sunday afternoon in the park.  These two would-be mafioso's are on the run with a million pounds of stolen Lottery money in their suitcase and they've got to get away fast!  In fact their 'getaway' takes approx 40mins, causing explosive mayhem, as they bribe the audience (with counterfeit money) to assist them.
The show consists of a series of madcap attempts to mount their 5ft & 8ft unicycles, with the aid of a few volunteers of course
The show is ideal for events of all kinds (except quiet ones!) especially in conjunction with the Bash Street Bobbies walkabout show
 Technical Requirements
  • Level performing area of 5m x 5m with a height of at least 4m
  • Access to performing area for unloading, with parking facilities
  • Length of performance: 3 x 30mins (or show plus walkabouts)
  • Set up time: 10mins

Bash Street Bobbies Stilt Walking ShowBash Street Bobbies - Stilt Walkabout Show
These affable stilt walking 'bobbies-on-the-beat' are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.  They will patrol your designated area and are brilliant at directing the traffic - buses, cars, bicycles, pedestrians, pushchairs, shopping trolleys and toddlers.
They make an arresting sight handing our parking tickets and speeding fines to unsuspecting members of the public and they have even been known to juggle and clean shop windows!
The Bash Street Bobbies are a great walkabout act for Festivals, Shopping Centres, High Streets, Corporate Events, in fact great fun in just about any situation.
Technical Requirements
  • Parking and changing room close to performance area with access for unloading
  • Length of performance: 2 x 45 mins or 3 x 30 mins

Cliffhanger (Real life silent movie)
This mid-scalee circus theatre prodution is aimed at family audiences.
It's an hour long, silent movie-style show that returns to the golden age of the silver screen. 
Inspred by Buster Keaton's short film 'Convict 13', this action packed family show features live piano accompaniment and death defying stunts.  It is packed full of laughs and action with Bast Street's unique blend of silent comedy and slapstick humour!
Bash Street Shows are truly international; having been enjoyed by audiences of yound and old alike, at major Festivals throughout the UK, Euroope and the Far East since 1991
The show would form the high point of any Festival, Fun Day or Corporate Event
 Technical Requirements
  • Level Performing area of 8m x 8m with height of at least 6m
  • Access to performing area for unloading, with parking facilities
  • Close access to 240-volt electricity power supply
  • Length of performance: 60mins
  • Set up time: two hours
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