Brian Morrison
Caricaturist & Silhouette Artiste
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Brian Morrison Caricaturist and Silhouette Artist

Entertainer in Ayrshire
Corporate Events
Having a walkabout caricaturist present at your corporate event is an excellent ice breaker.  Your guests go home with an extra special souvenir.  Your company logo can be pre-printed on to each page that I work on, so as well as a light-hearted gift, the caricature is a unique business card. 
A caricaturist can make such a difference at your wedding reception.  Especially at that lost time between the service and the dinner, when the photographer is busy with the wedding party.  I can also work at the tables during the meal.  The bride & groom's name appears, pre-printed at the top of every page, along with the date.



Silhouette cutting
An ancient art revisited.  What you receive from a Silhouette cutting artist is a mounted profile portrait of yourself, cut directly from black art paper in minutes. 

The artist then fixes the finished silhouette on to a ready prepared mount.  All functions can be catered for.  The artist can roam from table to table during dinner; mingle with guests at champagne receptions, or take a seat and invite guests to pose for their portrait.

This is an excellent ice-breaker.  A talking point that's sure to keep everyone amused for hours. 
Probably, the most important entertainment value of hiring a of Silhouette cutting artist, is the fact that the guest takes home, a lovely, unique souvenir of the event.  The mount is similar to a greeting card, with the Silhoutte fixed to the right hand side.  A personalised message can be pre-printed on the opposite side.  This could be the bride & grooms name and date of their wedding, if it's that type of function.  It could also display a company logo, or general information about the event.

Silhouette art has been around for centuries.  It was very prominant in Greek & Roman times.  Much later around the 17th and 18th century, paper cutting silhouettes became very popular in Western Europe.  Many profiles of leading figures, poets & artists of the day were captured this way.  

Entertainer for hire
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