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"A Brazilian ballroom dance of African origin."
"Music in duple meter for performing this dance."

Drumdin are a community samba band that have been together for more than 10 years ago.

It has members of all ages the youngest being 14, the oldest…. Well they won’t say how old Tom is!! It has risen from its humble beginnings (a few tom drums and a lenor bottle shaker) to a well-established percussion band (with much classier instruments).

People have come and gone, the mad bunch have never left and they have had instruction from the best percussionist’s in the North East, (pay them later boys), Brendan Murphy and currently Keith Hill, with guest appearances from Claudio Kron, Inner sense percussion orchestra and Angus Watt.
They often play in and around the North East and have even played as far afield as Belfast and Manchester.

You may well have seen and heard them on Northumberland Street in Newcastle, they’re the group in all white, (no they are not a religious cult), smiling, having fun and playing great music. 

Their many other gigs have included the W.O.W festival in North Shields, Corporate Games, The Newcastle Millenium Festival, Durham University, Durham Miners Gala, Alnwick Castle to name but a few.

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