Sikorski Arts
by John Sikorski
Circus Skills Performer, Stilt Walker, Accordian Player, Circus Skills Workshops, Dance Workshops, Costume Characters
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Circus Skills are not only tremendous fun, they are proven to be excellent in developing important skills such as concentration, focus and coordination....(not to mention perseverence, where club juggling is involved.)

Our workshops typically include a variety of the following activities:-

- Tightwire walking
- Stilts
- Object Balancing
- Juggling (balls, clubs)
- Diabolo
- Devil Stick

We have experience in teaching beginner level workshops to both children and adults. An adult must be provided to accompany during children's workshops.

Manipulative skills such as juggling & balancing can become addictive, and offer exciting pastimes for people living in remote areas.

CRB certificates available
Good timing & having a good time! 

These fun workshops focus on creativity and exploring rhythm. Steps are built up in stages (or in steps), making it comparatively easy to get into the flow of it. Participants are also introduced to aspects of style & embellishments implied by the particular music tradition. Alongside Scottish (Cape Breton) stepdance, Appalachian clogging styles, Irish hard shoe & Hungarian styles may be covered.

Workshops are taught at one level (not mixed-ability). Hard soled shoes (leather/plastic) with a small heel are ideal. Children should be accompanied by an adult. 
Russian Sailor - Dimitri
Comedy/Musical Walkabout
With only one night’s shore leave, this sassy sailor loves to mingle, and may even have spectators up dancing to his exceptional Gypsy accordion music!  His intriguing Russian accent leaves Dimitri of questionable background. Was he truly washed ashore as he claims?

An engaging musical walkabout act. Dimitri's charming persona will break the ice at the frostiest of gatherings!

- Receptions & Parties
- Large outdoor gatherings
- Parades
- Music or cultural themed events

People remember Dimitri.
Bartholomew the Funeral DirectorWe are delicately reminded of our mortality, as Bartholomew mingles with the crowds, taking discreet measurements of prospective clients and commenting on pallor.  The Funeral Director lures audiences with his intriguing fetish for object balancing.  And watch out for the 'Finishing Powder'!

A one man interactive walkabout act, featuring circus balancing skills. Dead Entertaining, and at his prime in a mingling environment.

- Meet & Greets
- Parties/Receptions
- Family Galas
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