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FAQ Hypnosis
Alan Bates



Frequently Asked Question About Hypnosis / Stage Hypnosis
Is hypnosis dangerous?
Answer: No. The answer is as short and direct as that. No, hypnosis is not dangerous. It is a perfectly natural state of mind. People are sometimes afraid that may be they won't wake up or will be left mentally scarred and affected. The truth is that hypnosis is really just a deep sleep. Sometimes people are enjoying hypnosis that much that they just end up drifting into ordinary sleep. When hypnotised you are still fully conscious of everything that goes on around you and you cannot be made to do or say anything that would contradict your everyday morals and beliefs.
What is it like to be hypnotised?
Answer: Incredible. Everybody experiences it slightly differently although nearly everyones description has the same characteristics.  It is incredibly relaxing and enjoyable. Some people say that it is like you are floating and that nothing matters anymore.  Most people in the world have experienced hypnosis at some time or other, without even realising it. Have you ever become so engrossed in a book or a film that you completely lose track of where you are in reality and for those few moments you are completely overcome by your imagination?  If so then that is a very light form of hypnosis.  This means that if you are just in a very light state of trance then it can feel no different to when you "get into" a good book.  However as you enter the deeper trance that I put you into for the stage show then it can feel quite euphoric, almost like being intoxicated, but without any of the side effects.  Basically hypnosis is like a doorway to the unconscious mind and via this hypnotic state your memory and imagination is simply enhanced by a long way.
Are there laws and legislation about stage hypnosis?
Answer: Yes, all stage hypnotists have to abide by the 1952 Stage Hypnosis Act.  This act was ammended in 1994.  The home office recently reviewed the situation and advised that as long as these guidelines and laws are followed then hypnotism is harmless.  All hypnotists who work professionally adhere strictly to these laws to ensure that their shows are ethical, friendly and very safe.  Some councils still insist on licensing of stage hypnosis acts so do check your local bye laws regarding this.  Although if you're booking for a private function only this may not be required.
What are the requirements for booking this sort of act?
Answer: Essentially all you need to provide is a room and an audience.  Ideally we need a minimum of 50 people to ensure the show will work correctly*.   Most hypnotists are fully self contained these days and  bring their  own sound (and lighting system if required) which can be made bigger or smaller depending on the size of the room.  lYou usually need around 6 to 15 chairs from the hall, pub, theatre or venue, preferably all the same and reasonably comfortable. 

What sort of events can you perform at?
Answer: There are many events/occasions at which a hypnotist would be a great form of entertainment.  Firstly for adult birthday parties or weddings, universities (balls, fresher's week or Student Union entertainments), pubs, night clubs, stag/hen nights, seasonal parties, holiday camps, corporate fun nights, theatres and much more.  Anywhere where there are a group of people over 18, will pretty much do, (Note: Under 18's cannot be hypnotised for public shows by law)