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Travelling by Tuba Workshop


Workshops for schools and fun day events
Circus Workshops, Balloon Modelling Workshops, Magic Workshop, Art & Craft Workshops available for hire
Workshops have become very popular of late and there are so many different ones to choose from...
Art & Crafts
- Art and Crafts more to your liking? These sort of workshops can be themed to suit all ages and all themes.  So whether you're looking for ideas for Easter? Summer holidays? Halloween? Christmas? Princess / Pirates , Kites, Knights & Dragons or many more ideas, there'll be something for everyone.
Balloon Modelling
- Kids love watching Balloons being turned into something they want, so why not teach them how to make their very own models. Parents and Teachers can enjoy having-a-go too!
Broomstick Riding Workshop
(Harry Potter Style)
- Learn to ride your own Broomstick.  There's fun and games Harry Potter Style with your very own Ron Weasley Lookalike.
Circus Workshops
- Have you ever wanted to have-a-go at walking on stilts, or riding a unicycle, or just juggling? Then book one of our Circus Skills Workshops?  Make sure you book for the right age though... Primary age? you might want to juggle balloons or feathers... Teenagers or Adults? They may prefer something more challenging like slack rope, stilts or unicycles... there's something for all ages to try.
Magic Workshops
-  Kids are going Magic crazy these days, so let them have-a-go themselves, maybe even put on their own show at their own birthday party or school.  Adults are welcome too.
Music Workshops
- Brought to you by Travelling Tuba
Potions Workshop
(Harry Potter Style)
- Turn science into fun with a Potions Class by their very own Hermione Grainger Lookalike.  Ideal for schools or parties.
Puppet Workshops
-  How about a Puppet Workshop instead? Puppets can be made from all sorts of materials: Cardboard, Paper, Sticks, Plates, Balloons, Cloth or many more recyclable items! Then there's the fun of putting on your very own show.
Silhouette Workshop
- Ideal for Corporates.  Learn to cut out your own silhouette.  Everyone gets their own silhouette to take home as the end of the day too.  What a novel idea!
Wand Making Workshop
(Harry Potter Style)
- Brought to you by Harry Potter Lookalike Luke N Williams using natural wood for wands and creating your very own personalised wand.  Harry will even test drive your want for you before you leave.  It's great!
Below is just a sample list of some of our workshop suppliers.
Art & Craft Workshop Amanda Ward-Hewlett available South Yorkshire
Art & Craft Workshop Art For Eternity available Teesside & North Yorkshire
Art & Craft Workshop Dezzy's Designs available Teesside & surrounding areas
Art & Craft Workshop

Kates Crafts Parties available Lancashire & surrounding areas

Balloon Modelling Workshop Kevin Hubery available Co Durham & surrounding areas
Balloon Modelling Workshop Mike Smith available Teesside & surrounding areas
Broomstick Flying Workshop (Harry Potter style) Ron Weasley Lookalike aka Ron Lewis available Nationwide
Circus Workshop Allin & Pamela Kempthorne is available London & the south
Circus Workshop Bo Clown available Tyne & Wear & surrounding areas
Circus Workshop
BZ Ents - Bozo & Zizi available Leicestershire:
Circus Workshop Charlie Burns available Tyne & Wear
Circus Workshop Crackers the Clown available West Midlands
Circus Workshop Defying Gravity available Teesside & surrounding areas
Circus Workshop Knotrite Circus available South Yorkshire & surrounding areas
Circus Workshop Marko's Circus available Teesside & surrounding areas
Circus Workshop One At A Time available South Yorkshire & surrounding areas
Circus Workshop
Shoestring Circus available South Yorkshire & surrounding areas
Circus Workshop Upshot Circus available South Yorkshire & surrounding areas
Free running / Parkour Workshop Jordan Wilcox Stuntman is available Nationwide based in Gloucestershire
Magic Workshop Eric Leonard available Teesside & surrounding areas
Magic Workshop Harry Potter Lookalike Luke N Williams available Nationwide based in Northumberland
Magic Workshop Steve Ashcroft available Teesside & the North East
Music Workshop Travelling by Tuba Lancashire
Potions Workshop (Harry Potter style) Hermione Grainger Lookalike Megan Flockhard available Nationwide based in Bristol
Puppet Workshop Creature Encounter available West Midlands & surrounding areas
Silhouette Workshops
Charles Burns available Nationwide based in London
Storytelling Workshop

BZ Ents - Bozo & Zizi. Also offer Circus Workshops. Available Leicestershire

Trash Music Workshop. TRASH Music is also available as a performing Band. Turn you dustbin into a drum.  Available Scotland and Northern England
Wand Making Workshop (Harry Potter style) Harry Potter Lookalike Luke N Williams available Nationwide based in Northumberland
Broomstick, Wand & Magic workshops, Circus Workshops, Balloon Modelling, Art & Craft Workshops, Classical & Trash music & Storytelling Workshops, Puppet making, Free running and Silhouette Workshops for hire