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Caution Comedy Jugglers

Entertainers in Worcestershire

In 1998 Mark Russell and Steve White combined their physical skills and daft sense of humour to become Phillippe - Philloppe. They now perform at various events all over the country displaying their skills of club passing, fire juggling, stilt walking, magic and clowning.
Phillippe - Philloppe are based in Worcestershire, England but travel anywhere and everywhere.
Phillippe-Philloppe have many skills between them. We are both experts in nearly all the skills listed below, however where Phillippe may excel in one skill, Philloppe may excel in another. Together, this makes Phillippe-Philloppe a very versatile juggling act.

Skills to date include:

Ball Juggling (upto 5 each), Scarve Juggling, Cigar Boxes, Ring Juggling, Club Juggling, including Club passing upto 8 clubs, Knife Juggling, Fire Juggling, Axe Juggling, Juggling of free range organic rubber chickens, Fire Eating, Bed of Nails, Diabolo, 2 each, Devil Sticks, Plate Spinning, Tight Rope (low wire), Unicyling, upto 6 feet high, Juggling on Unicycle, including passing, Walking Ladder, Tea Drinking/Biscuit Dunking, Walking Ladder of Fire, Rola-Bola, Trick Bicycle riding, Micro Bikes/Micro Tandem, Yo-Yo, Magic, cards and general close-up, Balloon Modelling, Stilt Walking, Stilts Bike, African Drumming, Hat Manipulation, Clowning, Object Balancing, various objects and open to challenges!

Being silly (easy enough!)

Being sensible (an incredible feat!)

Being very silly (the easiest and most pleasing of all!)
Walkabout Entertainment
Stilt Walkers
Stilt Walkers

If you wish to promote something whether it be a new store, a service or an event, let Phillippe-Philloppe do their thing and attract a lot of attention for you. People find it very difficult to ignore two 10 foot stilt walkers! If your event needs something eye-catching, then maybe Phillippe-Philloppe dressed as 10 foot clowns and being a tad on the silly side is for you! How about two rather tall victorian gentlemen to greet your guests as they arrive, this kind of thing is a great ice breaker for corporate events, weddings or any other occasion you may be celebrating.

Whilst on stilts Phillippe-Philloppe are jugglers, medieval jesters, wizards, clowns and even cyclists, that's right - cyclists! If your event needs something specific to the occassion then it is very possible that we can make something up for you as a one off as we have done before for other clients
Walkabout Jugglers
Ground based walkabout entertainment can be provided for events where either stilt walkers are not required, or stiltwalkers are unsuitable for the venue.

A combination of stilt walkers and ground based entertainers can be provided for a little variety. Ground based entertaiment allows us to utilise a vast range of props including juggling balls, clubs, knives, rubber chickens, diabolos, hats and lots, lots more. Short impromtu shows can be performed while providing this type of entertainment

Walkabout jugglers
Stilt Walkers on Bicycles
Stilt Walkers on Bicycles

These bicycles are a great mix & mingle act, bicycles customised to allow them to be ridden on stilts! We have bubble machines or rotating lights fitted to the rear of the bikes (optional), we also carry various juggling props so we can stop off and perform impromtu juggling shows, magic and general tom foolery. A very large performance area can be covered with the stilts bikes and so they are great for town centres, parades, festivals and fetes etc. Stilts bicycles are certainly not a common sight and make a huge impact and therefore are a great addition to many events.

French Characters / Stilt Walkers

This act is new for Phillippe - Philloppe in 2005 and has gone down very well indeed. Two nutters, on stilts with questionable French accents and limited French vocabulary. This can be performed with or without stilts bicycles. When performing this act with the bikes we have numerous French related props in the baskets including: an ipod station playing quality French cafe music for all to hear, an English/French dictionary (very useful for those tricky translations!), six onions for juggling and a bottle of finest French red wine (actually grape juice!). This act is very silly and although originally created for a French market, it is suitable for many other events with no French connection at all.

French Characters
H.M.J. Ship Shape (Her Majesty's Jugglers)
Her Majesty's Jugglers

Phillippe - Philloppe are also known as Ship Shape (Her Majesty's Jugglers).

All of the usual skills are employed in a jaunty, comedy, nautical style. Ship Shape can perform ground based or as stiltwalkers, stilts cyclists or on the incredible micro tandem (only 12 inches above sea level!).

Medieval Jesters

Phillippe - Philloppe, all the props, all the skills in ye olde stylie!

Performed as stilt walkers and ground based


Juggling Shows

Juggling Shows

Juggling shows include a juggling club passing routine and a six foot high unicycle finale with knives or fire juggling. Shows can be adapted for different audiences and venues. The duration of the show can also be adapted but is usually approximately 30 minutes long.


Fire Jugglers

Very visual indeed, Phillippe - Philloppe perform a variety of impressive stunts with fire including Fire Eating and Fire Juggling. Although mostly suited to the dark, Fire Juggling is also impressive in the day. We are safety conscious and do have full public liability insurance. Fire jugglers are a great addition to the general ambience of an event and a great way to greet guests arriving outside a venue at the entrance.
Fire Jugglers


Circus Workshops

Circus Workshops Circus workshops or juggling workshops, can be organised for anything from 1 hour to a multiple day course in Circus Skills. Workshops are for children and adults. Skills taught include Ball, Club and Ring Juggling, Devil Sticks, Diabolo, Plate Spinning, Tight Rope or Wire Walking, Stiltwalking and Unicycling. Circus workshops can be in or out doors and can be as structured or chaotic as you wish. You can have a set time with a set amount of people or a drop in session at a public event such as a fete or festival. Phillippe - Philloppe are very capable instructors and can cater for the absolute beginner juggler right through to advanced jugglers.


Angelic Jugglers / Stilt Walkers

Phillippe - Philloppe perform as two stilt walking angels. A great meet & greet act or general walkabout. These characters use their juggling skills and silly sense of humour to entertain at corporate parties, Christmas lights switch on's and various other types of events. At night and in low light, juggling can be in the form of Phillippe - Philloppes very dazzling and programmable glow clubs and balls. These clubs flash, change colour and look fantastic.  
Angelic Jugglers


Stilt Walking Victorian Policemen

Stilt Walking Victorian Policemen

Do you require additional security, extra law enforcement and the reassurance that there will be no funny business at your event? If your answer is yes, this is not the act for you!
You have seen the long arm of the law, now meet the long legs of the law!

This act is daft, there is no doubt. We really enjoy performing as Officer Phillippe and Officer Philloppe, it always goes down a storm!
This act fits in a treat with Victorian events, which are very popular at Christmas.
A combination of Victorian Bobbies and stilt walking Victorian Juggling Gentlemen is available. Your event could benefit, for example, two walkabout sets by the stilt walking Bobbies and two by the stilt walking juggling gents who have also proved very popular over the years.

Entertainers for hire
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