Gary Jamieson
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Entertainer in Lincolnshire


Whenever Gary Jamieson is drawing his caricatures you will see guests gathered around. It isn’t only the ‘victim’ that gets involved. Everyone gets drawn into it, watching the skill of this brilliant caricaturist as he performs his superb skills before their very eyes. It is a delightfully light hearted form of entertainment and perfect for any style of event.

Gary can either work from stationary point, or as a walkabout and mix & mingle with your guests. All caricatures on event are drawn in black & white for speed, although colour caricatures can be drawn for special gifts.

Most of Gary's work is the 'Live' art and it has taken him far and wide. He has attended weddings, Barmitzvahs, Birthday parties, Anniversaries, Corporate venues & Team building events.

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