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Pinxton Puppets
Puppets for him in Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire
Pinxton Puppets Theatre was formed in the mid 1980's when, after performing extensively throughout Germany, Ian and Gordon Wright, decided to return to England and form a Puppet Theatre in the heart of the United Kingdom.  Their first performance was at the Longwood Schools' Summer Fete in Pinxton and soon they were appearing at numerous schools, libraries and other venues throughout Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

Before long, their outdoor work at Carnivals, Craft and Country Fairs, took them to locations all over the country, and thousands of performances later, they have now presented their shows at a host of celebrated venues around Britain, a few of which are shown above and below.  Their puppets have been featured on BBC Television and the popular children's programme 'Playbus'.

Educational Puppet WorkshopsIn addition to their shows, the Pinxton Puppets also make their own animated puppet displays and have created designs which have been used at Alton Towers.  They were also responsible for building a complete set of animated characters for the theme park at Sherwood Forest, Nottingham depicting the story of 'The Tales of Robin Hood'
Educational Puppet Workshops
The Pinxton Puppets are also able to involve children creatively with their popular 'Fun'
and 'Educational Puppet Workshops' (including the new environmentally-themed 'The Animals Save Their Skins') where the children can not only create their own Puppet Stories, but also make their own Puppet Characters and even put on their own performance in the Pinxton Puppets Theatre !
Educational Puppet WorkshopsToday the Pinxton Puppets continue to enthral audiences up and down the country, whether at outdoor events, such as carnivals and craft shows, or at indoor events such as schools, playgroups or shopping centres, where they still specialise in their own 'upbeat' versions of traditional fairy tales, such as 'Little Red Riding Hood' and the 'Three Little Pigs', as well as numerous sketches and shows of the own invention !