About Psychic Readings
An extract...
Most people who have a psychic reading find it most uplifting and pleasurable.  Others frighten themselves before they've even met the psychic.  
A psychic reading of any kind 'predicts' only an end result based on the path that the person is on at that specific point in time.  It is based on cause and effect.  If you don't like what you are told, stop, and consider the possible 'cause' of that result.  Your future may be 'in the cards' but it's also 'in your own hands'.
A lady was once told that she was going to have another child in the foreseeable future and she was so adamant that 'that will never happen to me !'  She mocked the psychic, claiming that she was wrong... She tried having readings using Psi Cards, I Ching and Crystal Ball, each told the same thing.  Repeatedly she got the same message and her response was the same every time, ' what a load of rubbish'.  When asked why she considered it a load of rubbish she'd explained  that it was because her husband had recently had a vasectomy and she wasn't intending sleeping with anyone else.  It'd never happen !  Fair comment you'd think ?  Until, after questionning her further, she admitted that she and her husband were not taking any other precautions, and the vasectomy had only been 4 week earlier...
Result :  She was 'at risk' of becoming pregnant.  She explained that having another child would be a disaster in her life, she had ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION of having another child !  So it was important for her 'not' to become pregnant.  Every reading she had been told  'pregnancy' or 'fertility' were on the cards, on the life path she was on...
Look back at the cause ?
- Husband had not had clearance off his doctor to confirm that the sperm were inactive
- They weren't taking alternative precautions. 
Answer to the prediction ? 
Change the result of life path by changing the cause.  Use protection !
It's simple really.  Readings from a psychic are not something we have no control over.  They should be only used 'as a guide' to our future.
How many times has a parent said to a child kicking a ball in the house 'you're going to break something if you don't stop  !'  Is the parent predicting the future ?  Is the parent a psychic ?  To the parent it's just common sense.  If you behave in a certain way there is an outcome to live with.  Psychics simply have the ability to go a little further down the road than your everyday parent.  Whether they use tarot cards, psi cards, angel cards, crystal ball or anything else, the answer is the same.
Someone Somewhere has set a thought, word or deed in motion... and that thought, word or deed can been seen in another area of society. 
Ever heard of prayer ?
I''ll leave you with that thought and trust that common sense will prevail. 
Updated 10-10-13