JoAn PuT oN a HaPpY fAcE
by Carol M Mottershead
A children's favourite seaside puppet show is basis for this new novel by Carol M Mottershead
JOAN - Put on a Happy Face is a gripping read and a fascinating mix of history and fiction. Recently rated #1 BEST SELLER in Historical Biographical Fiction JOAN is a real page turner!

So what's the story about?

A family, their lives turned upside down after taking a simple potion intended to heal. Fate had other ideas! They have become abominations in the eyes of their God! Love, joy, jealousy, even murder has been their life now. Will they ever find peace?

The mystery unfolds in this historical biographical fiction about Joan and her family written from the imaginings of author Carol M Mottershead

'JOAN : Put on a Happy Face'

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