'Billy Don't Be A Hero' 
70s Celebrity Pop & Rock Band
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The original Paperlace of the 1970's
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In 1968 singer / drummer Phil Wright came together with a bass player called Cliff Fish and played in a local band called 'Music Box'. Two years later, they decided on a new name to mark a fresh start, and 'Paperlace' was born!
They took a residency booking for six months in a Mecca club in Rochdale before launching themselves on the entertainment scene, which was when they recorded singles such as 'You Can't Touch Me', 'I've Got You That's Enough For Me' and the Bee Gees composition 'The Morning Of My Life'... consistent quality releases, but with no real success.
In 1973 the talent show 'Opportunity Knocks' became the first real break for Paperlace, a band with extraordinary vocal harmonies. The lin-up at that time included lead vocalist Phil Wright and bassist Cliff Fish. They went on to win 5 times, by postal vote, and appeared on the show for 6 weeks! During which time they were seen by hit song writers Mitch Murray and Peter Callender and from then on, Paperlaces' recording career took flight!
You may remember the 1974 hits 'Billy Don't Be A Hero', 'The Night Chicago Died', 'The Blackeyed Boys', 'Hitchin A Ride 74', 'So What If I Am' and two albums which made up the 30 million plus UK record sales for this fantastic hit Pop & Rock band.
Internationally 'The Night Chicago Died' reached Number One in the American Charts, giving the band Platinum Disc status for sales in excess of 2 million in the USA, winning the title of 'Largest Selling Single of 1974 Worldwide'!
A consequence of this achievement was that they were invited to perform for and meet HRH The Queen Mother at the Royal Command Performance at The London Paladium in 1974. 
Record sales continued to multiply in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany and Spain, and the albums themselves earned them Gold Discs!
Paperlace toured extensively until the mid-eighties, when musical differences dictated a parting of the ways...
Phil Wright of Paperlace 2012
Phil Wright, the original lead vocals on all the hits and the drumming half of the rhythm section, has always continued to perform the hits with various live bands and even recorded some new material in the studio, right upto present day... 
Cliff Fish of Paperlace 2012
Cliff Fish, the original bass guitarist and vocalist also continued to progress his musical career... occasionally performing the hits live in venues, up and down the country, and recording in the studio.
Phil Hendricks of Paperlace 2012
Phil Hendriks - lead vocal frontman / guitarist of powerpop band 'The Stiffs' [famous in the mid-eighties for recording on the EMI plus cult label 'Stiff Records' when he performed with his wife Michelle's Tribute Band 'Blondied' and toured with Les McKuen's 'Bay City Rollers]
Paul Robinson of Paperlace 2012
...and Paul Robinson - whose piano / keyboard, guitar and vocal prowess have been the inspiration behind such projects that include 'Seven Little Sisters', Paul's solo writing career and 'The Robinson Band'
So there we have it, four 'hugely' talented guys, two originals and two new guys... bringing you the 'Unique', 'Totally Live', Authentic Seventies Sound of... PAPERLACE!
Now, following a wave of requests and enquiries from the entertainment business, the fan base and the general public, and after a re-release of a double CD of the two albums in 2010, Phil and Cliff, two of the original band members of the hit seventies band Paperlace, decided to join forces with two similar giants of the music world...
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