Reviews of Joan - Put on a Happy Face

Reviews of Joan - Put on a Happy Face
" 'Ello Carol, I managed to get the paperback version from Amazon and had time to read over the holidays. Well done! An excellent read. I loved your characters and really enjoyed following them on their journey. I'm looking forward to the next book. I really enjoyed the chapters that you recorded too. I think I will ask Amanda to record my book when it's finished. Best wishes Mark Hadlett (Author) "
"Finished your book this morning and I LOVED it - as all my family on my Mum's side are Italian I loved it even more! When they went to the seaside resort in Italy I had and in my mind that it was in my hometown Viareggio which is on the side of Italy and is the most wonderful place in the world - every year they have a Carnival (which is the biggest one in Europe) and is full of amazing floats and I think Joan and co would love performing in it." Chantal Taylor
"I think it's perfect" Phil Webster 
"Easy to read and quite a page turner. It deserves to become popular.  I enjoyed the tantalising summary and was especially interested how the author rehabilitate Joan as a warm resilient and enterprising character." Pat Hardwicke
"Love the read, was not expecting the way that Carol has done the story to play out across the eras found it to be a thrilling read." Etienne Clayphan
"Just read the first chapter and already I'm hooked. Loving it!" Ron Popple
'Very enjoyable read! Enjoyed the history of Punch and Judy. Great story line and easy to ready... will there be a sequel?' [Yes there will Tony]  Tony Scarth
'I couldn't put it down. Looking forward to UR next one!' Sharon Young
"This is an amazing read!"  Tricia Blake
"Great read! I am not a big reader but this was an easy read with a plot to keep me gripped." Angie Lake