A.R.C. Entertainments is an Entertainment Agency based in North East England and was founded in August 1998. The Agency started as a Children’s Entertainment Agency. It was the only Agency in the area where you could book Children’s Entertainers. Since no other agency seemed interested, this was a great opportunity!

Also, unlike a lot of other agencies, we would go that extra mile to help a client source the type of act they were looking for. This stemmed from one of customers (who’d become a regular for over a year) rang up asking to book a Falcon Display... ‘can you help?' he said, ' I’m trying to find a falconry display... ‘ and knowing our sense of humour he added ‘...and it’s not under ‘F’ in the telephone directory... where can I get one please, can you help?’

Well that was the start of it!

We love a challenge!

That created the motto for A.R.C. Entertainments
'Helping you find solutions, not problems to your Entertainment needs!'

From that moment to present day, this motto has been what’s made A.R.C. Entertainments GROW

There has been a lot of time spent searching for good acts. And sometimes it seemed to be time wasted, but we don’t see failure, we see the opportunity to grow.  A new act was on our books. New challenges were ahead. We may not have made a sale the first time round, but we were building up the reputation for being the ‘go to’ Agency...
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