David Knight

David Knight
TV & Comedy Stage Hypnotist
Give him a piece of your mind!
David Knight, Comedy, Stage Hypnotist, Hypnotist, A.R.C. Entertainments, 01740 631292
Stage Hypnotist available for hire North Yorkshire
Equity Member

David Knight has performed over 4,000 comedy stage shows worldwide
Hypnotizing over 40,000 volunteers!
"It's a cracker!" - Frank Carson
"Best fun ever and that's no BULL!" - Jim Bowen
"Fantastic entertainment." Harvey Goldsmith
"Amazing, just amazing!" - Jerry Hall
"Very, very funny." Graham Norton
"Scarey man!" - Jilly Goolden
An amazingly funny comedy show that is guaranteed to make you laugh until you cry. 
Show length from 1 - 2 and half hours.
Available across the UK and Worldwide
Member of the British Academy of Hypnosis