JOAN - PuT oN a HaPpY fAcE

JOAN Put on a Happy Face by Carol M Mottershead #1 Best Seller in Historical Biographical Fiction
A children's favourite seaside puppet show is basis for this new novel by Carol M Mottershead
JOAN - Put on a Happy Face is a gripping read and a fascinating mix of history and fictionRecently rated #1 BEST SELLER in Historical Biographical Fiction JOAN is a real page turner!
So what's the story about?
A family, their lives turned upside down after a potion, intended only to heal, have become abominations in the eyes of their God!
They experience all that life has to give - joy, love, jealousy and yes - even murder!

A family, torn apart by circumstances. Will they ever find peace?
The mystery unfolds in this historical biographical fiction about Joan and her family written from the imaginings of author Carol M Mottershead


JOAN - PuT oN a HaPpY fAcE

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#1 BEST SELLER in Historical and Biographical Fiction
#1 Best Seller in Historical Fiction
#2 Best Seller in Literary Sagas
#1 Best Seller in Classic Coming of Age
#1 Bes Seller in Biographical Fiction
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