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Historical Biographical Fiction
A children’s favourite seaside puppet show was basis for this new novel by Carol M Mottershead.

'Finished your book this morning and I LOVED it! As all my family on my Mum's side are Italian I loved it even more! When they went to the seaside resort in Italy I had  and in my mind that it was in my hometown Viareggio which is on the side of Italy and is the most wonderful place in the the world - every year they have a Carnival (which is the biggest one in Europe) and is full of amazing floats and I think Joan and co would love performing in it.' Chantal Taylor

JOAN – Put On A Happy Face’ has recently been rated #1 BEST SELLER in Historical Biographical Fiction and is said to be a a real page turner! 

So what’s the story about?

Joan’s first thoughts were to find her son, but with no idea where to start she had first to take care of herself.  She was homeless and almost penniless.  Reluctantly she turns to the Church, to a God who she had blamed for taking her Mother from her when she was only a child.  At the point of leaving, she meets  Alison a woman who is to become her friend, saving her in her hour of need. 
With Alison’s help Joan is able to rebuild her life and sets out to search for her son ‘til the day something so traumatic happens... Joan finds herself waking up in hospital with no voice and worse still - no memory!   What could have happened that was so bad that her mind had to block it out?      

The mystery unfolds in this historical biographical fiction by Carol M Mottershead. 


‘I've really enjoyed this book. An interesting mix of plot points that cover everything from historical fiction and fantasy, to an in depth study of marital abuse and the strength of character to rise above it. I hope the author continues this story as I really like the ending too. David Littlefair’

‘Well done! An excellent read. I loved your characters and really enjoyed following them on their journey. I’m looking forward to the next book. Best wishes Mark Hadlett (Author)’

'A gripping read! This is a fascinating tale that is a mix of history and fiction. I’ve really enjoyed following Joan on her path through the centuries with her dysfunctional family and friends. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.' Roroboozle

JOAN - Put on a Happy Face
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